Trust the shipping and distribution experts at DTC to find the shortest distance between your products and your customers…and then deliver.


Whether you need products shipped across town or across the country, the warehouse and distribution experts at Distributors Terminal will handle all your transportation logistics needs.

Locally, our dedicated on-site fleet is ready to move your product at a moment’s notice. Nationwide, Distributors Terminal maintains a network of select, trusted contract carriers to get the job done. It’s also good to know that not only can we deliver the truck, we can also unload the truck, put the product away, inventory the product, and fulfill your next product order. In other words, if you need more than just a delivery option…we can deliver that too!

Best of all – you can control as much or as little of the transportation process as you like. We use Cadence Transportation Management Software to give you real-time access to your products and the ability to make shipping decisions that best fit your budget and timeline. With this technology in place, you have end-to-end visibility of all your shipments – which maximizes efficiency, bringing value to your supply-chain.

Let’s discuss a custom transportation solution for your products.


LTL + FTL Freight Shipping

If you need LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) or FTL (Full Truckload) freight shipping services, our on-site fleet and robust network of trucks, drivers and terminals is your solution. Our commitment to damage-free, on-time service is backed by on-site fleet and LTL and FTL transportation experts. Whether it’s across the state or across the nation, we deliver with speed, reliability, and flexibility.

FTL (Full truckload) fleet options include dry vans, refrigerated/reefer trucks, flatbeds, drop decks and oversized options. And LTL (Less-than-truckload) options include standard, volume, expedited, guaranteed and refrigerated shipping services.


Flatbed Trailer Shipping

Flatbed trucking is vital to our economy and every industry in operation. That’s why every day millions of tons of machinery, equipment, and products are shipped nationwide on flatbed trucks.

Flatbed shipping provides dimensional flexibility for large freight that drywall (box trailer) walls can’t accommodate.

When you work with the experts at DTC for your flatbed shipping requirements, we’ll guide you through DOT and safety requirements, and coordinate additional equipment needed for loading and unloading your freight. It’s critical for us to understand all the particulars of your shipment, including the commodities being shipped, the value, dimensions and weight.

Talk with our experts who can help ensure that you have the security, capacity and the right equipment to get the job done safely. Our goal is to make shipping a lighter load for you.


Reefer / Refrigerated Trailer Shipping

Refrigerated trucks, also referred to as reefer trucks, are utilized in the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods. These commercial vehicles are designed to haul large amounts of cargo, similar to standard semi-trailers.

Refrigerated freight refers to freight that requires specific, temperature-controlled environments during shipment. This is where refrigerated trucks, or reefer trucks, come into play. As the name implies, refrigerated trucks include a built-in refrigeration system inside their trailers to keep their cargo cool. Refrigerated freight can range anywhere from perishables like fresh foods (anything from fruit to seafood), to pharmaceuticals like insulin or over-the-counter medication.


Dry Van / Box Trailer Shipping

Dry vans offer a versatile method of shipping and are well suited for everything from clothing, electronics, and shelf-stable canned goods to manufacturing materials, automotive parts, health and beauty supplies, and so many other consumer goods. The enclosed nature makes this type of haul truck a good choice for high-value loads you’d like protected from inclement weather, shipping damage, and theft.


There are hundreds of trucking and transport companies. But few logistics specialists can provide the capacity, service and problem-solving capabilities of DTC. Tell us your most demanding requirements. Bring us your toughest challenges. We’ll partner with you to develop smart supply-chain and distribution solutions based on innovative, customer-driven logistics and distribution strategies. All backed by over a century of service and third party logistics expertise.

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