Across the country or across town, the warehouse and distribution experts at DTC will handle all your transportation logistics needs.


From flexible brokerage and managed transportation services, to express expedited delivery, dedicated capacity and consulting services, we provide mission-critical oversight of carriers, vendors, freight audits and payments, claims, charge-back notifications and other processes. Most of all, our transportation experts take the time to understand your requirements. Trained in operations, analytics, procurement and customer service, we work with you to design the optimal routes for your supply-chain, determine the most efficient carriers and ensure that they perform at a high level.

Dedicated Fleet + Nationwide Network

Our dedicated on-site fleet is ready to move your product at a moment’s notice. Nationwide, Distributors Terminal maintains a network of select, trusted contract carriers to get the job done. It’s also good to know that not only can we deliver the truck, we can also unload the truck, put the product away, inventory the product, and fulfill your next product order. In other words, if you need more than just a delivery option…we can deliver that too!

Real-Time Shipment Tracking

We use Cadence Transportation Management Software to give you real-time access to your products and the ability to make shipping decisions that best fit your budget and timeline. With this technology in place, you have end-to-end visibility of all your shipments – which maximizes efficiency, bringing value to your supply-chain.

Express / Expedited Freight Hot Shots

When it absolutely needs to get there same-day or next-day, DTC offers expedited freight and Hot Shot deliveries as a more economical option than domestic air freight. With 2 day shipping solutions from fulfillment warehouses and overnight domestic deliveries, DTC has the expedited freight logistics and infrastructure to meet your needs. Direct expedited cargo services are available for large and urgent shipments – contact us for an expedited quote.

Transportation Management & Logistics

Let us handle the hard work. Our transportation experts take the time to understand your requirements and identify areas for improvement. The solutions we recommend will be tailored to save you money, reducing your investments in equipment, software, facilities and personnel.

We want our partnership to deliver increasing value over the long-term. After we collaborate on a plan with you, we’ll continue to monitor the activities we put in place. This guarantees that the plan meets the goals of your business now and over time.

Intermodal Transportation & Drayage

Air, Rail, Road or Ocean Freight – we have the experience to help you across every mode and every point.

We’ll look at your shipping patterns and create the most efficient plan for your freight. Then we’ll optimize your transport plan to coordinate the various providers, making adjustments as needed to give you the best possible results. It’s important to us that we earn your loyalty, which is why many of our customer relationships span a decade or more.

Value Added Services

Let us handle the hard work. We offer a complete range of value-added services for your fulfillment needs, including pre-assembling equipment, adding labels to textile products and stocking display units. We can take care of everything.

Whether your orders are large or small, our sophisticated warehouse management system efficiently tracks inventory, prepares shipping lists and creates invoices to help expedite the order fulfillment process, ensuring order accuracy and timely delivery. Whatever solution you need, the Distributors Terminal logistics specialists are ready to deliver the perfect suite of third-party logistics products and services, including the following specialized services:


Our barcoding/serial scanning system tracks your inventory, giving you accountability, oversight, and management of inventory levels at our facilities.

Quality Control

By tracking product rotation and shelf life of your products, we can assist with quality control of your inventory to meet your quality requirements.

Cross Docking

With cross docking, products are received, processed, and shipped in an unbroken sequence, eliminating or minimizing inventory storage needs.


Kitting involves pre-assembling individual SKUs into new kits that are ready to ship out right away. Our kitting services make it easier to fulfill customer orders.


Your shipment, branded for you. Outsourcing your custom labeling to us offers increased flexibility over your inventory and can help lower your total cost.


Leave the labor-intensive work to us. We employ customized processes to simplify and streamline Pick-and-Pack packaging/repackaging for you.

Order Fulfillment

From confirming orders, customizing packaging, to order distribution and shipping, we’ve got the experience to handle fulfillment of your product.

Returns Management

Our reverse logistics systems handle your product returns and recalls. We can streamline operations by managing return flows into our warehouses.


We bring visibility to your inventory. We give you access to real-time data and reporting to help better support your logistics and decision making processes.