Any company can offer warehouse space. But few logistics providers can provide the storage, service and problem-solving capabilities of Distributor’s Terminal.

Tell us your most demanding requirements. Bring us your toughest challenges. We’ll partner with you to develop smart solutions based on innovative, customer-driven logistics and distribution strategies. All backed by over a century of service and expertise.


Unrivaled end to end supply-chain services and solutions

All industries face logistical challenges that are unique to the products they distribute and the customers they serve. Understanding your business and the capability to adapt and respond to your needs sets Distributor’s Terminal apart. DTC provides world-class shipping and logistics with unrivaled end-to-end supply-chain services and solutions. We meet the demands for operational efficiency and flexibility in a constantly changing world, helping ensure no compromises to your supply-chain.

Retail Logistics Solutions

Logistics solutions for retail and fashion industries need to be highly flexible. In retail especially, the constant need for change and the demand for exponential growth is the standard, not the exception. Managing logistics in retail and fashion markets requires supply-chains that are increasingly proactive with technology that can help teams make decisions on urgent demand.

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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
Digitally-managed Distribution of Time-critical Products

Patients rely on your products. Make sure your supply-chain is up to the challenge. We’re proactive in managing your logistics needs, helping reduce costly damages and exceptions to better protect your bottom line and your patients. With real-time data, supply-chain optimization, damage and cost reduction strategies, and aligning customer expectations with transportation and industry best practices, we help you deliver on your promise to patients.

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Reduce Lead Times, Floor Space and Inventory Levels

Solutions built for the automotive industry. From sourcing and supply of raw materials, inbound component assembly, outbound automobiles to end users, to aftermarket automotive industry logistics, we adapt to meet changing needs and growth of your business.

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Industrial / Manufacturing
No Matter Your Industry, We Keep Your Freight Moving

Industrial and manufacturing clients know that the right logistics, the right supply-chain can be make or break. Our industrial logistics solutions give you the right balance between quality, cost, flexibility and standardization. We help you meet the challenges you face in a dynamic market that is often underpinned by regulatory demands and supply-chain disruptions.

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Food & Beverage
Creating a Smarter Food Supply Chain

When you need to deliver the freshest food and beverage products daily, partner with the experts who know your business as well as you do. Our FDA Certified facilities have maintained a Superior Rating with the American Institute of Baking (AIB) since 2009. This certification provides assurance that our facility is maintained to the highest standards of quality, cleanliness and food safety for customers with food service and dry product storage needs.

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CPG Supply-chain Efficiency, from Production to Distribution

Big sales volume can mean big challenges. We provide customized, end-to-end logistics for CPG producers in all sectors to keep your products on the shelf, safer, faster and where you need them. With agile solutions that flex with seasonality and deliver major competitive advantages, our logistics experts work side-by-side with CPG clients to deliver real value.

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Agriculture Supply-chain Optimization and Value Creation

Most people don’t fully understand the level of cutting-edge systems and technology that drives the modern agriculture industry. From farmers, distributors, wholesalers and producers, Ag companies know that logistics and technology play a key role in complex agriculture supply-chains.

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Integrated Logistics Solutions For A Changing World

In a disruptive, fast-moving market, our team works with you to find solutions, listening to your business vision and understanding your goals. Additionally, our state-of-the-art IT systems can be fully integrated with your systems. Our Logistics IT Systems can be integrated with your technology and provide you with the real-time data visibility your business needs.

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Our Services

Warehousing Space

For over a century, we have been providing warehousing services for clients, with extensive knowledge in warehousing for public, contract and distribution center management. This expertise, along with our strong network of industry connections, enables us to provide access to any size facility you need in whatever location is most advantageous to your business.

With multiple facilities supported by comprehensive logistics solutions, we offer specialized storage services including food grade storage, climate-controlled storage, cold storage, and ambient storage.


  • 360 Order Management
  • Real-Time Data for Customer Support
  • 24/7/365 Inventory Access
  • eCommerce, ERP, IT Integration

Your business is only as strong as the decisions you make. Our integrated technology systems give you the data, control, and oversight you need to inform your supply-chain decisions. Whether you’re a manufacturer, supplier, or retailer, our technology gives you complete control over your inventory.


For over a century, we have been providing warehousing services for clients, with extensive knowledge in warehousing for public, contract and distribution center management. This expertise depends on the individuals we hire and the knowledge they bring, the experience they’ve earned, and most of all the care they provide to our clients.

Ready to lead the next generation of logistics? Join a winning team and find out more about the different opportunities we offer, and what makes us a great place to work.

Committed To Safety

DTC considers safety to be our highest priority. Our strategic and daily focus is creating a culture in which team members celebrate working in an accident-free environment. Our primary responsibility is to provide safe conditions for our associates, customers, and visitors. Our leadership team is committed to ensuring that this responsibility is fulfilled each day.

Creating a culture of safety starts at the top. We know that an effective safety program depends on leadership setting the example. And to be truly successful, we engage all levels of management, seek feedback from employees and stakeholders, take part in continuous training, and make sure that everyone is part of a shared accountability to safety.




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