Intermodal Shipping

By land, air or sea, ship without boundaries by leveraging our Intermodal Freight Shipping Services. Our experience keeps your supply-chain moving.


DTC’s Intermodal Shipping gives you flexibility and reliability built around your business — giving you more options and more control. Get access to capacity and equipment solutions, regardless of market conditions. We’ll work with you to upgrade to more reliable solutions to move loads from anywhere to everywhere, connecting with thousands of qualified carriers.

In the face of recent disruptions to the transportation & shipping industry, now more than ever it’s critical for companies to have a flexible supply-chain. Our Intermodal Shipping and Logistics services keep your supply-chain close to home running smoothly.

Intermodal Logistics

Because of logistics complexity, regulations, and supply-chain disruptions, many companies understand the importance of intermodal shipping. Intermodal Shipping can include a combination of sea, road and railways to transport goods on longer routes, rather than depend on a single mode of transportation. The cost-reduction benefits are significant for shippers, buyers, freight forwarders and other stakeholders in the supply-chain. Your shipments can move between trucks, trains and cargo ships, securely and seamlessly.

Air Freight Shipping

Our experienced Routing Specialists work with you to tailor our air logistics service to suit your needs. If you’re on a tight deadline, we can supplement our commercial lift with part-charter flights that can offer you an aircraft going from almost anywhere to almost any destination and carry almost anything. And if there’s flexibility in your delivery date, our knowledge of carriers, capacity and market rates can help to save you more money.

Ocean Freight Shipping

In your business, you’ve got a lot to worry about. Crossing oceans doesn’t have to be one of them. So, if you’re considering expanding to new markets, but you’re a bit nervous, let’s talk. With an experienced logistics team and relationships with major NVOCC’s, we’ll be with you every step, with up-to-the-minute customs expertise, visibility and communication.

Rail Freight Shipping

Rail shipping keeps your freight moving. Improve efficiency and manage costs by developing a rail freight strategy based on your needs, with access to train freight container capacity, including surge, spot, or committed. Leverage our relationships with multiple rail carriers, so you’re not dependent on specific railroads or points of contacts. Trust dedicated experts to help analyze your intermodal and rail shipping logistics for continuous improvements.


There are hundreds of trucking and transport companies. But few logistics specialists can provide the capacity, service and problem-solving capabilities of DTC. Tell us your most demanding requirements. Bring us your toughest challenges. We’ll partner with you to develop smart supply-chain and distribution solutions based on innovative, customer-driven logistics and distribution strategies. All backed by over a century of service and third party logistics expertise.

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It takes great service to build a company that can last. Distributors Terminal Corporation (DTC) has lasted for over 100 years, continuously managed and operated by the Hendricks family for more than four decades. We’re extremely proud of our longevity and look forward to the next century of service.

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We take the time to learn your business. That kind of service and insight is what sets us apart. Understanding your needs and the capability to adapt and respond to change is why clients depend on us year after year.