Technology Simplifies

Technology can be one of the easiest and most efficient ways to streamline logistics. In today’s world, technological systems and tools are helping to simplify processes, leading to higher productivity and increased customer satisfaction. That is exactly why Distributors Terminal (DT) utilizes a versatile, top of the line Warehouse Management System called Cadence. Cadence is helping them streamline vital business functions such as:

  • Inventory management
  • Advanced reporting
  • Product, and transportation tracking.

Let’s take a closer look and explain why DT’s system (cadence) is so effective at maximizing outputs within each of these business functions.

Order Filling:

One of the easiest ways for companies to streamline logistics is to simplify order filling. Today, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) has become extremely popular with logistics providers since it allows documents to be shared between computers. Cadences’ EDI for order management is compatible across all sources so orders can be easily accepted and managed using whatever form of communication you’d like. This provides companies with the ability to place orders faster and easier and be assured that each order has been received, placed, and can be referenced later if need be. Another extremely beneficial feature that DT utilizes through Cadence is the ability to integrate with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)/accounting systems in order to connect orders with a businesses’ back room financials. With this capability, companies can fill orders and record transactions in one seamless step.

Transportation Tracking:

Tracking products and shipments has also become one of the most vital capabilities within modern distribution. Every company needs to know where their goods are at all times in order to keep current and potential customers up to date regarding product logistics. Where are they? When will they have more? When will their order shipment arrive? And hopefully not, what is taking so long? Customers simply can’t wait for products anymore and if companies don’t allow customers access to product tracking, they need to at least have the ability to inform customers when they can get their hands on the goods. DT leverages its Cadence system to provide customers and partners with the ability to track transportation shipments with end-to-end visibility, squashing anxiety and confusion. Cadence also has the ability to integrate with all of the major distributors including FedEx, UPS, and USPS, should a business chooses to outsource shipping and transportation.

Managing Stock:

Inventory Management has probably been affected more by new technologies in the last five years than any other area of logistics. It’s very important that warehouses and companies alike know exactly what they have in stock at all times, which is why technologies have been developed to give more frequent updates regarding warehouse inventory. DT uses Cadences’ Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to continuously track and update inventory in their warehouses. This allows for inventory to be tracked instantly, eliminating the time it takes for warehouse workers to walk around and check stock. This system can also decrease theft, because inventory can be checked and updated more frequently. Cadences’ Inventory Management System provides companies with a more accurate and frequently updated view of what inventory is actually available in storage, allowing them to make more well informed stocking and buying decisions which, in turn, lead to higher returns and increased customer satisfaction.

Technology is often viewed as being extremely complicated, so we forget that many times it’s actually used to make things simpler. DT utilizes its Warehouse Management System (Cadence) on a daily basis to simplify and streamline processes, ensuring that their customers maximize their gains across all logistical functions.