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Today’s complex supply-chains require innovative strategies to grow and operate profitably. From assessing opportunities to deploying solutions such as supply-chain and network optimization, transportation planning and procurement, and warehouse and manufacturing optimization, our consulting and training experts leverage deep experience to optimize end-to-end supply-chain performance.

Whether you are looking for network synergy with other shippers, real-time shipment visibility or a planning and execution technology platform, DTC provides customized logistics solutions to meet your business needs. Our portfolio of solutions helps clients reduce transportation costs, improve service, automate processes and streamline execution.

Supply Chain Management

We help integrate your supply, your demand, and everything in between. From planning and forecasting demand, sourcing and production, warehousing, distribution, and even reverse-logistics, we’ll work with you to plan and manage your supply-chain from start-to-finish.

Our supply-chain management solutions help manufacturers move products to market faster, smarter, and safer. Poor supply-chain management can result in expensive delays, quality control issues, and damage to an organization’s reputation. Companies also face legal risks if suppliers or processes are not compliant with current laws and regulations.

Our team works with you to build the plan, processes and systems you need to control everything from start-to-finish. Our logistics experts see the big picture, bringing together all the systems, processes, people, stakeholders, and the data and information. With DTC’s supply-chain management solutions, organizations can better anticipate problems, dynamically adjust financial and operations plans, and improve the overall customer experience.

EDI / ERP Integration

Microsoft Dynamics
— Netsuite
— Oracle
— Epicor
— Sage

— SalesForce
— access
— Magento
— Shopify

Analytics & Optimization

Real-time visibility and demand forecasting to manage resources

Supply chain optimization is designed to manage complex warehouse logistics, integrated as part of your operations, manufacturing and distribution strategy. Our focus is on integrating technology, automated systems, smart analytics and systems that move goods through the supply-chain most efficiently. Once an optimization plan has been completed, our managers use analytics with data tied to KPIs and ROI to identify opportunities for supply-chain optimization.

Every function, from forecasting and daily labor metrics to receipts and billing, is considered when finding new solutions to optimize your current supply-chain. Because our systems are cloud-based, operational data and analytics can be accessed on any device, including mobile devices and wireless workstations. This is a valuable lever for supply-chain optimization, because it enhances collaboration. Access to data also reduces lead times to launch new operations, open new facilities and retrofit existing ones.

Project Logistics

You’ve got a job to do and deadlines to meet. Keep your focus on the task at hand, and leave the transportation and logistics side to us. With so much at stake on large-scale projects, getting everything where it needs to be, safely and on time is critical. That’s where DTC’s Project Logistics experts come in.

Keep your complex capital projects on time and on budget with help from our project logistics experts. We’ll work with you to create a comprehensive project plan so your project stays on track. And we’ll manage your multimodal and oversized transportation needs, all while coordinating the details so you meet every safety milestone and construction schedule.

From Risk Assessment, Cost-Benefit Analysis and Real-time data, to Total Logistics Management, DTC provides you the support you need. We help plan, source, and manage your project’s logistics needs at every stage.

Reverse Logistics

We make returns and recalls easy. Companies know that implementing an effective reverse logistics workflow has several benefits, including reduced costs, faster service, and most importantly, a better customer experience. Whether a customer bought the wrong product, the product was damaged upon arrival, didn’t not match its description or even if the customer no longer wants the product, having a reverse-logistics solution helps protect your reputation.

Our Reverse Logistics and Returns Management solutions help monitor the flow returns as part of your supply-chain, so you have the analytics and data to understand volume of returns, percent of sales, condition of returns and the financial value. The reverse logistics process usually involves returns, recalls, repairs, repackaging for restock or resale, recycling and disposal.

Order Fulfillment

Integrate your customer ordering from all sources. Our systems include Order Management capabilities that allow you to accept and manage orders from a range of sources – online, call centers, EDI, ERP/accounting systems and most other business systems.

Because the Order Management functions are built directly into our warehouse management system, Distributors Terminal customers are connected directly to the warehouse, with no need for separate host systems. That means accurate, split-second interfacing between your orders and your inventory on the Distributors Terminal warehouse floor.


We’ll fight to get you the right rate and the right carrier for your freight needs. Our freight brokerage service matches loads to carriers for rapid, automated freight movements. Our brokerage experts stand behind our service. They understand the business inside and out, and will work with you to make sure you’re satisfied.

Our brokerage team can tailor a solution across multiple modes for your supply-chain. Our huge shipping network is a reliable source of quality equipment, trusted drivers and vetted carriers. We have rigorous processes in place to monitor carrier safety ratings, insurance qualifications and operating authorities, and our rating engine produces electronic scorecards that inform the selection process.


Whether you need to ship your products a couple miles away or halfway around the world, the Distributors Terminal logistics management system gives you the power to handle even the most complex transportation needs. In addition to providing end-to-end visibility of all shipments, the Distributors Terminal system also gives you seamless shipping integration with FedEx, UPS and USPS.

  • Parcel and LTL shipments
  • Rating and routing
  • Carrier compliant labeling
  • Carrier/shipment tracking

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